Dahua Real 5MP Camera Brings Industry-leading 16:9 Video Output

January 5, 2021 With the trendy 16:9 widescreen displays in the industry today, image quality loss caused by stretching on traditional 4:3 video output has become an issue for consumers and users, especially in surveillance where image clarity and effective identification of targets are of paramount importance. As a pioneer that continuously leads the HD-over-Coax development, Dahua Technology launched the industry’s first Real 5MP Camera with 16:9 video output to better fit common HD displays, thus providing undistorted image performance with optimized visual experience for HDCVI users.

Boasting modern 16:9 video output, the new Real 5MP Camera offers high-quality images which are more in line with the visual requirements of the human eye. The images it captures present far better clarity and more complete details, allowing users to collect valid monitoring information for further investigation.

Compared to previous 5MP@20fps, the Real 5MP Camera supports 5MP@25fps output, realizing industry-leading 5MP real-time over-coax transmission. In addition to offering fluent visual experience and better restoration of monitoring scene, its Starlight feature provides users with bright and clear images even at night.

Moreover, the Real 5MP Camera portfolio is fully compatible with Dahua back-end models (XVR-I2 and XVR-X). For users who already have XVR-I2 or XVR-X, they only need to upgrade the firmware of their existing XVR and replace their 4:3 camera with the new budget-friendly 16:9 device ( In order to use the 5MP 16:9 HDCVI camera, the firmware of XVR must be upgraded to V4.001.0000001.0.R.200908 or later version).

Utilizing independent AI chip and advanced deep-learning algorithm of the HDCVI 6.0 PLUS Technology, the combination of Real 5MP Camera and AI XVR achieves precise recognition of human and vehicle for accurate alarm and quick target search, thus significantly enhancing video analysis efficiency and reducing labor costs.

As the 4:3 technology gradually becomes obsolete, the brand new Real 5MP Camera rises with its 16:9 video output. It retains the advantages of HDCVI technology such as high definition, real-time transmission, easy deployment, etc., making it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized application scenarios such as shops, warehouses, and streets. With its mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”, Dahua Technology will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality and Service” to serve its partners and customers around the world.

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