Dahua Eureka Series Thermal Camera Defines Perimeter Intrusion Detection

the 3rd Generation Eco-thermal cameras is now available to most of its markets globally. Name as Eureka, which originally means “Find something”, this series gives a new definition to the entry-level thermal cameras.

Dahua Eureka Series Thermal Camera Defines Perimeter Intrusion Detection

On one hand, Eureka reflects the concept of Dahua thermal products – more exploration, more discovery and applications. On the other, Eureka can perceptively perceive changes of the real scene through thermal radiation, which has obvious advantages when used in perimeter monitoring and can detect abnormal situations in time

New Definition of Perimeter Intrusion Detection

As thermal cameras detect heat, they can reveal intruders in all lighting conditions, including complete darkness, rain, light fog and smoke. Dahua Eureka Series provides cost-effective, high-performance 24/7 intrusion detection for perimeter protection. Compared with traditional perimeter technologies, such as electronic fence, fiber optic cable, active infrared intrusion etc., thermal imaging provides an all-weather perimeter solution featuring image visualization, recordable, accurate warning, fewer false alarms and low deployment cost, making it a new ideal choice for short-range perimeter.

Application Scenarios

Dahua Eureka series is recommended for factories, industry parks, parking lots, warehouses, garbage recycling stations, automobile sales service shops, etc.

Factories in the suburbs are prone to intrusion, theft, vandalism, etc., which can result in irreversible property loss. An efficient warning system is crucial for security personnel to quickly detect suspicious or unauthorized individuals and vehicle before they ever reach the perimeter for early intervention. The location of the factories often poses challenges in terms of poor lighting in its surrounding areas especially in bad weather, which means conventional cameras are hard to achieve 24/7 intrusion detection with the high-contrast images. The Eureka series can be deployed around the facilities for 24/7 monitoring. When an intruder is approaching illegally, the white light and loudspeaker will be triggered to make a visual and sound warning to deter the intruder from wrong doings. At the same time, a video record and snapshot will be generated for backtracking of the event.

The Eureka series can also be applied to parking lots and warehouses to lower the theft rate. For garbage recycling stations and automobile sales service shops, the fire prevention and smoke detection functions of Eureka come in handy.

Entering into the entry-level market, application of thermal technology is expected to grow at a higher speed. With a mission of “Enabling a Safer Society and Smarter Living”, Dahua Technology will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality, and Service”, to serve partners and customers around the world.

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